Faith Johnson at East HS has used this report format since she was at Susitna Elem. Over the years she feels it has been a great advocacy tool for her library. Uploaded April 2008.
Faith says that "using this format to communicate what "happened" in my libraries has been very well received by my principals over the years. My first report (more than 15 years ago) had very little information on it. As the years passed, I included more and more information and my font size got smaller and smaller. I found that statistics, numbers, percentages of increases were powerful if I had them and shared them for activities in which students participated or for activities that were aligned with standards; that had a positive impact on student achievement.
At the end of the year, I would find a time when I could chat with my principal about the report before leaving the report. I would listen to her or his comments, making mental notes about what s/he noticed and found interesting/impressive so that I could include it or similar information the next year."

Heather Fleming from Mears MS has shared this year end report template: Uploaded April 2008

Here is a sample of a year end report from Joyce Valenza: